The hotel complex Hohe Düne resides on the right side of the sea channel that leads to the Rostock harbor, at its entrance from the Baltic sea. It is separated by the channel from the old city of Warnemünde. The complex comprises several hotel and restaurant buildings, the yacht club, and a conference center. The Conference Center is located at the beginning of the east pier, leading to the lighthouse.

The channel has busy traffic, with big ships frequently passing in both directions. There is a small ferry shuttling every ten minutes between the two banks. This ferry should be taken if you have arrived by train or stay in a hotel in the old part of Warnemünde. From the ferry, there is a pedestrian path along the east bank of the channel which would lead you in about five minutes to the Conference Center.

The ferry departure point on the west bank is near the train station. You should go through a short tunnel under the train tracks, the pedestrian path starting after it brings you within a couple of minutes to the ferry. There is also a bus stop near the ferry terminal. The ferry belongs to the joint public transportation system of Rostock and Warnemünde. If you have purchased a bus ticket, you can use it to continue your trip on the ferry. If not, you can buy a special ferry ticket from the machine at the entrance gate or directly from the conductor. It is also possible to buy a week ticket for public transportation in Warnemünde that would cover both the buses and the ferry.

The picturesque historic center of Warnemünde with most of the restaurants, pubs, souvenir shops and fishing boats is next to the train station, along the Old Stream (der Alte Strom). It is small and can be easily explored on foot. You would need to take a bus only if you stay in a distant hotel.

The Warnemünde station is connected to Rostock by the city train (S-Bahn) line S1. During the day, there are city trains every ten minutes. It takes only about 20 min to come from Warnemünde to Rostock. It is also possible to stay in a hotel in Rostock during the conference.